West Midlands County is a metropolitan county in England’s West Midlands Region, offering cosmopolitan cities, unique history, museums, animal encounters, shopping, dining and family entertainment. At Cadbury World, you are able to learn about the history and making of chocolate and the iconic brand for which the museum is named while engaging in interactive exhibits. The Black Country Living Museum offers a chance to walk an industrial-era village with costumed performers. Coventry Cathedral showcases a modern edifice before war-damaged ruins of a historic Gothic church. The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery offers city history, artefacts and Pre-Raphaelite artwork.

The National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham offers an aquarium with otters, turtles, penguins, octopus and other oceanic life up close. For ultramodern shopping and dining, the Bullring and Grand Central offers a huge indoor mall with entertainment galore. Extreme outdoor adventures can be had at the Bear Grylls Adventure. Kids and adults alike will enjoy exploring the castle, ruins and zoo at Dudley Castle.

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