Skegness is a large seaside town on England’s Lincolnshire coast offering lots of exciting, scenic and fun activities to thrill adults and children alike. Kids will love to visit unique animal sanctuaries and aquariums, getting close to seals at the Natureland Seal Sanctuary, interacting with Kunekune pigs at Hardy’s Animal Farm and seeing the marine wildlife at Skegness Aquarium. The whole family will laugh as you ride rides and play games at theme parks like Skegness Pleasure Beach with its Ferris wheel, swinging pirate ship and circle rides, or Fantasy Island with roller coasters and live entertainment.

For historical experiences, check out the open-air Village Church Farm museum. The Skegness Clock Tower features colourful lighting displays in the evening, and a scenic ride on the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway offers a serene and beautiful way to experience the coast. At the Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, you can explore miles of unspoiled coastline, wildlife viewing and a visitor centre. From theme parks to animal experiences, history and wilderness, Skegness has something for everyone.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Skegness

    Skegness is where you can find an array of great seaside traditions, promising there's always something awesome to see and do during your visit. Situated on the stunning Lincolnshire Coast, Skegness has long been regarded as one of England's top coastal resort towns. Alongside Skegness' celebrated beachfront and its selection of fun-loving theme parks, you'll find impressive wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves...


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  • 5 Best Restaurants in Skegness

    The best restaurants in Skegness reflect the town's history as a resort destination. Skegness is the largest seaside resort on the Lincolnshire coast. It’s an old-school kind of place, home to Billy Butlin’s original resort. As a consequence, there are plenty of affordable restaurants and cafés that cater well to families. Naturally, being a beachside town, seafood plays a significant role...


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