Stoke-on-Trent, colloquially called Stoke, is a central England city famed for its pottery industry with many museums and art galleries dedicated to the craft of ceramics. The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery has a wide variety of decorative arts and local ceramics, plus a complete World War II Spitfire on display. At the Gladstone Pottery Museum, visitors enter a former Grade II listed restored pottery furnace to learn about the craft. The World of Wedgwood showcases a museum and ceramics of a famous English potter. At Middleport Pottery, a genuine Victorian factory complex houses tours and workshops about pottery and ceramics.

More unique attractions can be found at the Trentham Estate, where visitors walk formal Italian Gardens, navigate a rope course and see wild Barbary macaque monkeys inhabiting a forest. Outdoor adventures here can be found along the Heritage Canoe Trail, which departs from Westport Lake and follows canals eastward all the way to Froghall Wharf. Wild family fun can be had at Waterworld indoor tropical waterpark with slides and splash rides.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Stoke-on-Trent

    There are plenty of things to do in Stoke-on-Trent, which sits in the heart of the renowned pottery-producing region of Staffordshire known as the Potteries. The city was formed by combining 6 separate districts, with Hanley as the city centre, and boasts a rich culture and heritage. You can learn about the region’s storied industrial history and explore the surrounding English...


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