Manche is a beachfront paradise in France suitable for travellers looking to relax, unwind and explore stunning beaches and fascinating historical sites. One of the most iconic historical buildings is Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel. Technically a collection of buildings, this monumental attraction was an essential pilgrimage site from the 8th to the 18th century, and travellers may view it now as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    In the northern part of the region, travellers may want to check out Cherbourg, a town that has quite a few notable historical monuments despite having been rebuilt significantly after World War II. This is also the home of the Cité de la Mer aquarium complex and Le Redoutable, a nuclear submarine. When you visit the southern part of the region, Granville offers pristine beaches and resorts where you’ll find opportunities for an unforgettable massage and soft, golden sands with inviting waters.

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    • 10 Best Things to Do This Summer in Normandie-Manche

      The best things to do this summer in Normandie-Manche will reveal a multitude of historical, cultural, architectural, and culinary surprises to turn your trip into a sequence of breathtaking moments. You’ll be able to explore an exceptional 360-km white-sand coastline, verdant bocages (farming landscape of fields and hedgerows), authentic towns, and impressive UNESCO World Heritage sites. La...

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