Antalya is one of those places that seems to have everything. A family-friendly spot on Türkiye’s Mediterranean coastline, it showcases thousands of years of history in the form of an amazing Old Town, nearby historical ruins and a striking landscape. Be sure to check out Düden Waterfall and Tahtali Mountain for their great hiking routes and stunning scenery.

If old buildings and the countryside aren’t your thing, perhaps the golden sands of Lara Beach and the lively nightlife nearby are more to your liking? You can also hit the shopping malls and markets for anything from designer goods to souvenirs and street snacks. With a lovely climate and a friendly feel, Antalya is worth strong consideration when planning your next beach break.

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  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Antalya

    When seeking the best places to go shopping in Antalya, you can choose from a slew of massive malls and exotic bazaars. While most visitors flock to the beach-strewn city for some summer holiday fun, it also has ample retail opportunities for the shopaholic crowd. You’ll find a handful of enormous western-style malls peppered around the resort town. But the true...


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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Antalya

    Travellers seeking the best things to do after dinner in Antalya will find this vibrant Turkish Riveria town truly comes alive at night. From scenic viewpoints to romantic dinner cruises and boisterous bars, there’s plenty of action to keep a night owl amused in the city. The late-night revelry explodes in the peak summer season when exuberant holidaymakers are drawn to...


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  • Antalya Travel Essentials

    Our Antalya Travel Essentials let you make the most of your journey to this Turkish coastal paradise by providing the knowledge you need to keep your holiday stress-free. From getting into the city to getting around once you're there, these tips will have you mastering travel and being able to create the ultimate itinerary. Antalya is a unique destination with a...


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