The Algarve region, at the southern end of Portugal, is famous for its amazing coastline and beautiful beaches. Its natural wonders are the star attractions, including great surfing spots, towering cliffs, hidden bays and bird-filled lagoons.

The cities along the Algarve coastline are no less remarkable, with top destinations including Faro, Portimão and Lagos. Each has a charming old town, with plenty of historical landmarks. Each also has its own unique attractions, whether it's a busy nightlife, fantastic beach resorts or some of Europe's best golf courses.

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Things to do in Algarve include exploring endless stretches of white and gold sand beaches with beautiful, crystal-clear turquoise waters, teeing up at golf courses, and relaxing at resorts and scenic retreats. The central coast is lined with villas, bars, hotels and restaurants, while the western Atlantic coast and interior are more wild, less developed, and an ideal place for outdoor adventures.For scenic photo ops, check out Ponta da Piedade...


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    Our money-saving tips in Lagos might help you in planning your travels to this part of the Algarve. Lagos is ripe for exploration, with a smorgasbord of sandy coves, ochre grottos, and historic buildings to explore. But the Algarve region is indeed arguably among the most expensive places to visit in Portugal. So, what can a budget traveller do to...


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