Nantou County is a mountainous region set in beautiful surroundings and home to many diverse cultures. Found right in the heart of Taiwan, it’s one of the quieter, more peaceful parts of the island. Its farming-based economy produces some remarkable attractions, including great wines and teas, but inevitably means that it doesn’t have the same lively tempo as Taipei or Kaohsiung.

One thing Nantou has plenty of is nature and natural attractions. At the heart of this is Sun Moon Lake, which is ringed with aboriginal cultural villages, gardens, temples, pagodas and more. For those who enjoy their outdoor activities, there are some fantastic hiking trails to explore and enjoy around the lake.

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There are many things to see and do in Nantou County, so you won’t be bored during your stay. At first glance, the area may look like nothing but idyllic countryside, with lots of hiking trails to explore. But the truth is that Nantou offers a lot more than just scenic views and fresh mountain air. Along with the nature walks and hiking trails, there are also many temples, museums, historical...


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The dining scene in Nantou is one that’s built around the abundance of super-fresh raw ingredients. The mountainous heart of Taiwan is home to seemingly endless fruit farms, tea plantations and vineyards. Some of their products are unique to Nantou County, and can make for great souvenirs – assuming you can get them home without consuming them yourself before you get there! Dining in Nantou is also an adventure in culinary...


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Shopping in Nantou is a little light on choice, but what little there is tends to be something special. The countryside setting and farming-based local economy means that you won’t find too many shopping malls or store-lined streets. However, what you will find is an impressive number of little family-run boutiques, selling the sort of things you won’t find anywhere else in Taiwan. As with anywhere else on the island, Nantou’s...


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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Nantou

    Nantou has a plenty of interesting places to explore at night. There's the internationally certified Dark Sky Park, where you can enjoy starry skies that you won’t see in the metropolitan area. Another place offering great night-time views is Xiaobanshan. Fancy doing something special? Head to Small Swiss Garden to see the water fountains dance at night, look for frogs...


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