Hualien is a frequent stop for travellers planning a trip to nearby Taroko National Park or embarking on a picturesque Highway 11 road trip to Taitung City. The largest city on Taiwan’s east coast, Hualien is a hotbed of traditional island culture, which can be seen at stalls selling Taiwanese indigenous cuisine at the Dongdamen Night Market, in the farmlands of Fanshuliao, in the modest pushcarts of oily rice, and at the colourful harbour where fishermen hawk fresh sunfish and squid.

Hualien's natural beauty is a big attraction, as it's been called the “prettiest city by the sea”. The 12-mile-long gorge at Taroko National Park offers a spectacular introduction to the dramatic local landscape. Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy rafting the Hsiukuluan River, while flaneurs can explore the boutiques, temples and teashops in Hualien’s city centre.

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  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Hualien

    In addition to the beautiful mountains and waters, Hualien also has plenty of interesting shopping districts and markets for you to enjoy. The thriving Old Rail Cultural Shopping District, Stone Art Street, and Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park are all attractive shopping areas, each with its own unique style and designed to cater to different needs. For a shopping...


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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Hualien

    Come to Hualien for its charming mountains, seas and amazing night views. Hualien doesn't have towering skyscrapers, so rather than being dazzled by its lights at night, you'll see tiny houses that gleam like pearls and light up the Pacific Ocean. After gazing out over the busy street from the Martyrs' Shrine, continue your journey by walking up Meilun Mountain...


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