Malmö is a city which grew up in stages and it is clear to see how the city is divided. Like the Midgard Serpent from Norse mythology which bites its own tail, the city's canals ring around the Medieval centre where you'll find historic buildings, cosy terraces and cobblestone streets lined with cute little shops. Farther north, you'll find the old harbour areas where shipyards, shipping companies and industry bear witness to their ancient presence through the materials and architectural styles found in this now up-and-coming district.

    South of the old town is the lively inner city from Malmö's expansion during the age of industrialisation. Here you'll find shopping, parks and restaurants. Even farther south still is where the city begins to fragment, with lots of green spaces as well as huge shopping and entertainment complexes too big for the city centre.


    Gamla Staden

    Malmö's picturesque medieval centre

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    Gamla Staden is Malmö's medieval centre, largely encircled by the city's beautiful canals. It is home to Little Square (Lilla Torg), where you'll find some of the most popular outdoor terraces in Malmö, as well as Stortorget Square, which is lined by some of the oldest buildings in town. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along pedestrianised Södergatan with all of its shops and many cross-streets. You'll also find 2 shopping centres, the more classical Hansa and the modern Caroli.

    Among the cultural sights in the area is the Renaissance Malmö Castle (Malmöhus) with its associated museums such as the Technology and Maritime Museum (Teknikens Och Sjöfartens Hus). The easiest way to reach Gamla Staden is to set your sights on Malmö Central Station which is located in the northern part of the historic core.


    Västra Hamnen

    A fast-rising area defined by modernity and innovation

    Västra Hamnen was once home to Malmö's shipping companies, but today it is an ultra-modern and innovative district. where you can visit Malmö's best known landmark, the Turning Torso, which stretches up into the sky, contorting around its own axis. Västra Hamnen is also home to Scaniabadet – an open-air bathing spot with 3 jetties and a sun deck. You'll also discover beautiful parks, such as the gorgeous Daniaparken and Varvsparken, as well as Stapelbäddsparken with its skateboard ramps and bouldering walls.

    Västra Hamnen is located to the north-west of Gamla Staden, Malmö's historic centre. Walking here from Malmö Central Station will take around 15 minutes.



    Charming and family-friendly area outside of the centre

    Bunkeflostrand is a charming little centre along the shores of the Öresund Strait, about 6 miles from central Malmö. The town is part of the Greater Malmö Area and located immediately south of the Öresund Bridge Abutment, next to the E20 motorway. The area is a great place to go for a swim. For example, visit the Strandhem Jetty (Strandhems Badbrygga) which is located inside a beautiful nature reserve.

    Or for a slightly more off-beat activity, visit Africa Park (Afrikaparken), where you'll stumble across painted sculptures of African animals amidst the thicket and shrubbery of the southern Swedish countryside. The entire park is like a playground which, in addition to animals, also features a giant climbing net and lots of opportunities to play and explore.



    Historic sights, trendy terraces and excellent shopping

    Centrum is the modern Malmö's most central neighbourhood, encompassing the medieval core, the port and industrial areas to its north, and the shopping and residential areas to the south, which date back to the city's expansion under an industrial boom. Stroll around the cobblestone streets of Gamla Staden and discover all of its many small shops and cosy cafés. Visit the Renaissance Malmö Castle (Malmöhus) or the contorted Turning Torso skyscraper in the district of Västra Hamnen.

    Centrum is big and most easily explored using the local buses. Whether you're heading in by foot or by bus, the area's natural fulcrum is Malmö Central Station, located smack bang in the heart of it all.


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    Malmö's modern and historic centre

    Norr was once a city district comprised of Centrum and Kirseberg, and even if the neighbourhood no longer exists from an official perspective, it lives on in the unofficial speech of Malmöites from all across the city. Experience canals and cobblestone streets in the city's historic centre. Shop both on pedestrianised streets and in modern shopping centres. Check out architectonic wonders such as the Turning Torso and historic sights like the Renaissance Malmö Castle (Malmöhus).

    If you feel like stretching your legs, take a stroll through some of the historic parks like King's Park (Kungsparken) and Castle Garden (Slottsträdgården) or through ultra-modern green spaces like Daniaparken and along the popular walking routes you'll find in the Bulltofta Recreational Area.



    Lively area boasting terraces and shopping in central Malmö

    Möllevången is a neighbourhood in the inner city which revolves around the popular and international Möllevång Square (Möllevångstorget) and the lively People's Park (Folkets Park). Swing by the square and check out its award-winning clubs and popular nightclubs, browse market stalls or sample some exotic delicacies from the international and specialist food stores which can be found all around the square. If you'd like a guided tour of the later, book yourself on to one of the many exciting tours offered by Matkaravanen (lit. the Food Caravan).

    Several cafés, pubs and nightclubs can be found in People's Park, which also offers family entertainment in the form of playgrounds, paddling ponds, minigolf and much more. This neighbourhood is also home to the mouth-watering Malmö Chocolate Factory (Malmö Chokladfabrik).


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    Historic town with swimming spots and green spaces

    Limhamn is a picturesque town dating back to the 16th century, but which in recent decades has become intertwined with growing Malmö and transformed into a vibrant part of the city and a popular destination by the Öresund Bridge Abutment (Öresundsbrons Brofäste). The town is located on the south-western edge of Malmö City and can be reached by bus or car along the E20 motorway.

    Limhamn is home to the Sibbarpsfältet Recreational Area with its many walking trails, skate park, disc golf and great viewing point over the Öresund Bridge. Or if you feel like a dip in the sea, the area is also home to a sandy beach and an open-air bath house. Gourmands should also be sure to check out the Limhamn Fish Smokehouse (Limhamns Fiskrökeri).


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    Modern shopping, events and swimming spots

    Väster was once a city district comprised of Hyllie and Limhamn-Bunkeflo, and even if the neighbourhood no longer exists in an official sense, it lives on in the unofficial speech of Malmöites from all across the city. Väster is home to bathing spots such as Sibbarp Beach (Sibbarps Strand) with its open-air bath house and jetty. You'll also find plenty of green spaces such as the Sibbarpsfältet Recreational Area and the playful Africa Park (Afrikaparken).

    It is also here that you'll find one of Malmö's most exciting shopping experiences – the Emporia Shopping Centre. With more than 200 shops and restaurants spread across 3 floors, Emporia is one of the biggest shopping centres in the Nordic Region. Right next door is Malmö Arena where you'll find first-class events in both sports and entertainment. The adjacent neighbourhood of Svågertorp is also great for shopping.


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    History, golf and leafy green spaces for mindfulness

    Söder was formerly a city district comprised of Fosie and Oxie, and even if the neighbourhood no longer exists in an official sense, it lives on in the unofficial speech of Malmöites. Söder is a great destination for golfers as it is home to 2 golf clubs, Oxie Golf Club and Hinton Golf Club, spread across 3 different courses.

    If you are interested in the prehistory of the Nordic region, Söder is home to an exciting runestone, the Fosie Stone, which dates back to around the year 1000. The area is also home to the leafy Lindängelund Recreational Area with its Millennieskogen Forest and quiet meditation spaces.


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    Inner city hub with an international vibe

    Södervärn is a lively area in the southern part of Malmö's inner city and is both a hub for local and regional buses and the home to many award-winning eateries and shops. It is a district with a distinctly international air. The restaurants here serve up everything from kebabs to Peruvian fare. There are also plenty of massage parlours with a focus on Thai massages, and hair salons specialising in African haircare.

    What's more, Södervärn is just a few minutes away from popular Möllevång Square by foot with all of its trendy outdoor terraces and international food stores. On the way there, you'll pass unique fashion outlets, beauty stores and much, much more.


    fotoğraf: Johan Jönsson (CC BY-SA 4.0) değiştirildi

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