Lombok is considered by some to be “an unspoilt Bali”, boasting the same fantastic beaches, waterfalls and even a volcano, but without the huge crowds of tourists. A relatively undiscovered destination in Indonesia, its landscape and traditional ways of life remain mostly unchanged. That’s not to say that the people here aren’t welcoming – far from it. It’s just that the tourism industry is kept under control to preserve the island’s historical and natural charm.

The star attractions of Lombok are the Gili Islands – 3 gorgeous tropical paradises, each with its own unique atmosphere. On the main Lombok Island itself, Selong Belanak is among the most beautiful beaches while the village of Sukarare offers a fascinating glimpse into local handicrafts and lifestyles. Don’t miss the Fountain of Youth in the historic Narmada Park, either.

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  • 11 Best Things to Do on the Gili Islands

    The Gili Islands offer a great selection of activities that you can enjoy during your tropical retreat on these 3 closely-knit islands north of Lombok. The Gilis offer a range of action and adventure – they’re considered the best alternative island escape that visitors to Bali can add to their holiday itineraries. Underneath the waves, there are amazing dive spots around...


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  • 10 Best Restaurants in the Gilis

    This list of best restaurants in the Gilis highlights wonderful dining experiences on the 3 islands. You can enjoy gentle sea breezes and spectacular ocean views while savouring delectable Asian, western and seafood dishes. From fine-dining venues in luxury resorts on Gili Air to laidback seafood grills at Gili Trawangan’s night market, you’ll find plenty of food options on these...


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