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JEWEL West LA/Santa Monica

3,5 yıldızlı3,5 yıldızlı
2307 South Wellesley Avenue 90064 CA Los Angeles USA

Santa Monica College yakınında, 3,5 Yıldızlı, mutfak olan tatil evi.
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  • Honestly, don't even know where to start it took 3 hrs to get the entry access…14 May 2019
  • Dirty and no parking.5 May 2019

JEWEL West LA/Santa Monica

başlangıç fiyatı: 1,538 TL
  • Premium Bungalow, 2 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Laundry, Patio/BBQ
  • Premium Studio, 2 Queen Beds, Kitchenette, Laundry, Patio/BBQ

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Son yorumlar

İyi 7,2 27 yorum

Olağanüstü 10,0
Cozy, home-like fee
The studio acted as the perfect homeaway from home for my roommates and I will we visited LA to go to NA LCS at Riot Games.
Paige, usArkadaş grubuyla seyahat
İyi 6,0
Great spot, not so great host
Great location, good set up (comfortable beds, kitchenette, bathroom). If you're not in the front house, parking is now a real issue. The only problem with this place is it's impossible to get in touch with anyone in management. The TV only works through Roku but there was no Roku remote. I tried to use my phone, but apparently the Roku is on a different wifi than the one they give you so you can't turn your phone into a remote. They will not call you back, they will not help at all with any questions past the info sheet you have to remember to ask for or they won't send it to you on how to get into the house, use the wifi, etc. Also, they will add a ridiculous amount on top of the advertised price. As such, it's really more an air bnb with no owner around or available for help than something you'd find on
us1 gece arkadaş seyahati
İyi 6,0
Nothing special, and a bit depressing.
So let me start by saying google maps will totally lead you to another street with exactly the same name a few miles away. That's really annoying, so beware! So this little property is a guest cottage in the back of somebody's house in a typical kind of rundown L.A. neighborhood wedged between freeways. Yes there's an outdoor area with a barbecue and some chairs and a table or whatever. They strung some Christmas lights up, kind of sad. There's trash and recycling bins and cobwebs and an old car parked in the driveway and well, stuff like that. No offense it's just not a high quality kind of adventure. Fine if you're a more casual type, and I am provided it's the right casual, and this ain't. Also, it's not within walking distance of the beach, but of course being in walking distance to anything in LA is a long shot. So yeah I do love Santa Monica but basically, I'd stay elsewhere.
Paul, usDiğer seyahat
İyi 6,0
Great neighborhood, and great pictures. However place was not clean, not well organized, and not as nice as the pictures represent. Overall, not terrible, but still far from advertised.
Kirk, usArkadaş grubuyla seyahat
Orta 4,0
Horrible stay. Please read these warnings.
I think it would be great to stay in the house. Here are the issues we had with being in the back. 1. The photos border on fraud, making the room look like there's space to move. This is a room that should have 1 bed, not 2. 2. There wasn't enough cutlery. 3. There weren't enough dishes. 4. There weren't enough towels, and the ones present were old and dingy. 5. The A/C until was inadequate, so the room was always muggy. 6. The linens were still in the dryer when we got there. 7. The area outside the entry was filthy, but the photos make it look like you can have people over for barbecues. 8. People in the back are not allowed to park there, not even on the street in front of the house. You are relegated to a side street that isn't even adjacent. You do get the parking privilege to load and unload, though. 9. We were scrambling to be out by 11 because we were cleaning it up a little. My husband closed the door at 11:05 just as the cleaning crew pulled up to block our exit. A little punishment for not leaving soon enough? The kids and I were in the driveway with the open-trunked car, too, so that move seemed quite unnecessary. 10. We forgot to log out of Netflix, and no one logged us out. People continued to watch with our account. It should be standard for all Netflix-enabled properties to double-check for guest logout, understanding the possible chaos of the checkout process. Our whole trip was negatively affected by this rental.
us3 gece arkadaş seyahati

JEWEL West LA/Santa Monica

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