Cedar Haus

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Ev | Oda | 4 yatak odası, masa, ücretsiz kablosuz İnternet, çarşaf takımı
Ev | Balkon
Ev | Oda | 4 yatak odası, masa, ücretsiz kablosuz İnternet, çarşaf takımı
Ev | Özel mutfak | Buzdolabı, mikrodalga fırın, set üstü ocak, bulaşık makinesi
Ev | Oda | 4 yatak odası, masa, ücretsiz kablosuz İnternet, çarşaf takımı

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Cedar Haus

3.5 yıldızlı konaklama yeri
Timberline bölgesinde, dağda, misafirler için özel spa küveti, şömine olan kabin.

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Konaklama yerinde öne çıkanlar

  • Ücretsiz otopark
  • Ücretsiz kablosuz internet
  • Mutfak
  • Sigara içilmez
  • Buzdolabı
  • Çamaşırhane
873 Sand Run Road, Davis, WV, 26260
Başlıca özellikler
  • Barbekü ızgaraları
Evinizdeymiş gibi hissedin
  • 4 birden çok yatak odası
  • Mutfak
  • Özel spa küveti
  • Iki banyo
  • Televizyon
  • Çamaşır makinesi/kurutma makinesi

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Yerin tamamı

Tüm kulübe sizin olacak ve kulübeyi yalnızca grubunuzda size eşlik eden diğer misafirlerle paylaşacaksınız.

Cedar Haus

_____ PAYMENTS: Initial payments (50% of the total amount due) for reservations will be authorized/collected when the property is booked. Final payments, due 30 days prior to check -in, will be charged to the credit card provided on the due date unless other payment arrangements were.
Please feel free to send a check or money order prior to the due date. Full payments will be authorized/ collected immediately for reservations made within 30 days of the check -in date. Keys will not be released without complete payment and signed rental agreement. Please note: There is a $25 charge for all returned checks.

_____ CHECK -IN & CHECK -OUT: You may check in at the Mountain Top Realty office anytime after 4:00p.m. However, there may be rare occurrences in which it will be necessary to delay the release of keys beyond the 4:00 p.m. check -in time until your unit is ready. No refunds or discounts are given for late or delayed arrivals. Our office is located on US Route 32, approximately 7 miles south of Davis or 4 miles north of the Canaan Valley State Park. CHECK -OUT AT 10:30AM. Fully depart property no later than 10:30AM. A late check out that was not confirmed by us prior will result in an additional charge of no less than $150.00 and up to $750.00.

_____ CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds will be made (less a $50 processing fee) if we receive your cancellation at least 30 days prior to your arrival date. No cancellations or changes will be accepted less than 30 days prior to arrival.

_____ MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY LIMIT: The occupancy in a unit shall not exceed the maximum limit set at any time. No more than one unit may be rented to the same responsible party. All of our properties are privately owned; therefore it is the responsibility of Mountaintop Realty to rent to family groups only. Sororities, fraternities, parties, schools, or non -chaperoned groups are not allowed. You must be 25 years of age or older to obtain a rental license. Any violation of these standards will be grounds for immediate eviction without refund.

_____ FURNISHINGS & AMENITIES: All rental properties are completely furnished to include towels, bed linens, fully equipped kitchens and televisions. All units have electric or gas heat and most have a fireplace or woodstove. Firewood and propane is not provided. Kindling is not provided. Every effort is made to keep each property and its equipment in good working order; however, NO REFUNDS will be made for mechanical or technical failures, including hot tubs, Internet and televisions. There is a STARTER SUPPLY ONLY of toilet paper, bath soap, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and trash bags. Any additional supplies or personal items needed will be the renter’s responsibility.
NOTE: paper towels, coffee filters and coffee are not supplied. All properties are presented in as is condition by the owner of the property, and not by Mountaintop Realty and Rentals, Management Company.

_____ Firepits are prohibited at all properties unless otherwise specified on the property description. Renters will be responsible for any fines incurred by the HOA for having illegal fire pits.

_____ PLEASE NOTE: NO ANIMALS ALLOWED except in houses that are designated as “Pet Friendly”. In such cases, a $40 non -refundable pet fee is required PER PET. Infraction of this policy will result in renters assumption and payment of all charges incurred for the complete removal of pet germs and allergens, completed to the satisfaction of Mountaintop Realty and Rentals.

_____ ROADS AND DRIVEWAYS are routinely plowed. Some roads require vehicles with 4 -wheel drive and/or chains. Snow chains are recommended for icy conditions. It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped for snowy, icy mountain terrain. Mountaintop Realty is not responsible for removing snow from decks or walkways. Please plan accordingly.

_____ MANY PROPERTIES ARE LOCATED IN PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITIES, and terms of tenancy are regulated by the homeowner associations. A copy of these documents are available upon request. Violation of any of the covenants and/or other applicable regulations may result in immediate eviction and loss of all rental monies.

_____ CLEANING FEE: Based on size of property.

_____ WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Tenants assume full responsibility for accidents and/or damages to themselves and/or their guests.

_____ DAMAGE WAIVER: Mountaintop Realty and Rentals wants you to enjoy your stay in Canaan Valley, WV without worrying about accidental damage that may occur during your stay. A charge in the amount of $75.00 is added to the reservation allowing coverage for accidental loss or damage to the rental unit or its contents. The maximum limit of this waiver is $3000.00 aggregate per stay. Please read the guidelines of coverage for the damage waiver and call our office at 1 -800 -624 -4341 with any questions. Limited Damage Waiver / Terms of Waiver: As an in -house Covered Guest under this plan, staying as a guest of Mountaintop Realty and Rentals, you will not be obligated to pay for accidental loss or damage to the rental unit or its contents up to a maximum of
$3000.00 aggregate per stay.
Terms of Coverage: This plan takes effect upon arrival on the booked arrival date. All benefits will terminate upon normal checkout time of the home or the departure time of the Covered Guest, whichever occurs first. Claims Procedure: Mountaintop Realty and Rentals staff will administer all claims at each property. Such staff will have the sole authority to determine the extent of repairs necessary. The Covered Guest must report any loss or damage at the time of occurrence and while still occupying the rental unit. After checkout, this coverage is not applicable. Therefore, any damage assessed upon departure inspection that was not reported to the front desk during the Stay will be the financial responsibility of the Covered Guest. The resort manager has ultimate claim administration authority. Arbitration is required prior to litigation.
Conditions: The damage waiver has predetermined conditions. The waiver will not include liability for loss or damage resulting from, but not limited to the following: 1. Intentional or willful acts of the Covered Guest. 2. Gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct. 3. Damage, loss, or injury caused by a pet or animal brought onto the property; sole responsibility for these circumstances are assumed by the tenant and their guests. This waiver applies only to the direct physical loss or damage to the covered property; it does not apply to the subsequent loss of use of the property. The plan does not apply to loss or damage to any property owned by or brought onto the premises by the Guest. We welcome you to Canaan Valley and extend this coverage to you as an exclusive benefit of Mountaintop Realty and Rentals. Should you have any concerns regarding your reservation or need printed information about Mountaintop Realty and Rentals, please contact us directly.


An eclectic cabin on a secluded wooded lot is ideal for your private mountain getaway.  A close drive to walk -in access to the Dolly Sods wilderness and Canaan Valley National Wildlife refuge and an easy drive to the Whitegrass Touring Center, with world -renowned cross -country skiing on 50 km of maintained trails, and nearby to the Canaan Valley Ski Resort. Also, guests have full access privileges for all Timberline lakes.


A private, gated community located in beautiful Canaan Valley. You have access to both Spruce Island Lake and Sand Run Lake in Timberline to canoe and fish at (swimming prohibited by the HOA) and access to the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area.

You will be staying in a private, gated community. Please have a list of everyone that will be staying in the house (first & last names) and vehicle information. A guard house form will be given to you at check -in for you to put the information on that you will give to the guards.

Spruce Island Lake Parking Area 1 (X) 

Spruce Island Lake Parking Area 2 (X) 

Sand Run Lake Parking Area (X) 

Dolly Sods Parking Area (X) 

4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom (3 queens, 6 twins, 1 sleep sofa)

Requires 4 wheel drive in the winter months

No pets allowed



Genel bakış


  • Giriş saati: 16.00 - 12:00 AM
  • Minimum giriş yaşı: 25
  • Çıkış saati: 10.00

Seyahatinizle ilgili kısıtlamalar

  • COVID-19 kısıtlamalarını kontrol edin.

Özel giriş talimatları

  • Bu otel, girişten 30 gün öncesine kadar kredi kartıyla ödenebilen bir hasar depozitosu almaktadır. Misafirler, rezervasyondan sonra giriş ve geri ödenebilir güvenlik depozitosu ön provizyonu talimatlarını içeren bir e-posta alacaktır.

Giriş sırasında gerekenler

  • Ek masraflar için kredi kartı, banka kartı veya nakit depozitosu gereklidir
  • Resmi kurumlarca verilmiş fotoğraflı kimlik gerekli olabilir
  • 25 yaşında veya daha büyük misafirler giriş yapabilir.

Evcil hayvan

  • Evcil hayvan kabul edilmez.

Konaklama yeri imkân ve özellikleri


  • Özel spa küveti


  • Ücretsiz kablosuz İnternet mevcuttur

Otopark ve ulaşım

  • Konaklama yerinde ücretsiz otopark (valesiz)


  • Buzdolabı
  • Set üstü ocak
  • Mikrodalga fırın
  • Bulaşık makinesi
  • Kahve/çay makinesi
  • Tencere seti/tabaklar/mutfak aletleri
  • Ekmek kızartma makinesi

Yatak odaları

  • 4 yatak odası
  • Çarşaf takımı verilir


  • 3 banyo
  • Havlu verilir

Yaşam alanları

  • Şömine


  • Düz ekran televizyon
  • DVD oynatıcı

Açık alanlar

  • Balkon
  • Barbekü ızgarası


  • Çamaşır makinesi

Çalışma alanları

  • Masa


  • Isıtma

Evcil hayvanlar

  • Evcil hayvanlar kabul edilmez

Uygunluk/Engellilere yönelik olanaklar

  • Sigara içilmeyen konaklama yeri

Konumun öne çıkan yönleri

  • Dağda

Ücretler ve politikalar

Geri ödemeli depozitolar

  • Giriş öncesinde 53 USD hasar depozitosu alınır


Kültürel normlar ve misafir politikaları ülkeden ülkeye ve konaklama yerinden konaklama yerine farklılık gösterebilir. Burada belirtilen politikalar konaklama yeri tarafından verilmiştir.

Bu konaklama yeri, varıştan önce misafirin kredi kartına ön provizyon uygulama hakkını saklı tutar.

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Cedar Haus Cabin
Cedar Haus Davis
Cedar Haus Cabin Davis

Sıkça sorulan sorular

Cedar Haus oteli, tam geri ödeme için ücretsiz iptal olanağı sunuyor mu?
Evet. Cedar Haus, sitemizden rezervasyon yapılabilen ve ücreti tamamen iade edilebilir odalar sunmaktadır. Ücreti tamamen iade edilebilir bir oda için rezervasyon yaptırdıysanız bu rezervasyon, konaklama yerinin iptal politikasına bağlı olarak girişten birkaç gün öncesine kadar iptal edilebilir. Kesin şartlar ve koşullar için bu konaklama yerinin iptal politikasını kontrol ettiğinizden emin olun.
Bu kabin evcil hayvan kabul ediyor mu?
Maalesef evcil hayvanlar kabul edilmemektedir.
Bu kabin, misafirlerine otelde otopark imkânı sunuyor mu?
Evet, ücretsiz valesiz otopark var.
Bu kabin için giriş ve çıkış saati kaçta?
Giriş işlemlerini 16.00 - 12:00 AM arasında yapabilirsiniz. Çıkış saati: 10.00.
Bu kabin içinde veya yakınında restoran var mı?
Evet. Yakındaki restoranlar: Sirianni's (5,4 km), Big John's (5,5 km) ve Big John's Family Fixin's (5,5 km).
Cedar Haus özel spa küvetlerine sahip mi?
Evet, bu kabin özel spa küvetine sahiptir.
Cedar Haus mutfağa veya küçük mutfağa sahip mi?
Evet, ayrıca kahve makinesi, ekmek kızartma makinesi ve tencere/tava seti bulunan bir mutfak mevcuttur.
Cedar Haus açık özel alana sahip mi?
Evet, bu kabin balkona sahiptir.
Cedar Haus etrafındaki bölge nasıldır?
Cedar Haus, Dolly Sods Vahşi Yaşam Alanı konumuna 1 dakikalık yürüyüş mesafesinde, Timberline konumundadır.

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