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Tüm Toronto, Ontario, Kanada otelleri
1 oda, 2 yetişkin

Spadina & Bloor

3 yıldızlı3 yıldızlı
33 Dalton Rd M5R 2Y8 ON Toronto CAN

Kraliyet Ontario Müzesi ile yürüme mesafesinde, şehir merkezinde pansiyon.
  • Ücretsiz kablosuz internet
  • Very clean, quiet and well-located. There is no reception area but check-in and check-out…4 Mar 2020
  • Very convenient for us on a personal level but the racket from above at night is off…8 Ara 2019

Spadina & Bloor

başlangıç fiyatı: 733 TL
  • Basic Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda, 1 Büyük (Queen) Boy Yatak (Basement)
  • Standard Oda, 1 Büyük (Queen) Boy Yatak
  • Deluxe Oda, 1 Büyük (Queen) Boy Yatak
  • Tek Kişilik Oda
  • Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda

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Son yorumlar

İyi 7,4 83 yorum

Orta 4,0
You pay what you get.
Pretty clean place, but poor internet connection on 3rd floor. Room is full of painting smell and no fresh air. Good to have fridge and private bathroom, but they seems like don't want me use laundry even they list on the property features...
ca3 gece seyahat
Kötü 2,0
Horrible, Pathetic-dont waste your money or peace
The room has no windows leave aside the premium blackout curtains as mentioned in the description The so called premium bedding was so uncomfortable that when you sit or lie on the bed quietly the wooden planks hurts your body as the mattress is barely 4 inches thick and worn off. You can feel the wooden planks underneath all night long and you will be lucky to get any sleep The room and the bathroom ceiling is 7 and 6 feet high. If you are tall, forget taking a shower in there The room was dirty upon arrival. When complained to the owner, he said he would send someone to clean but we have to be in room as they don't have a key. We wasted 2 hours waiting for the cleaning person to come. When she arrived, she told us she can not speak English and tried to use an app to translate our words. After 30 minutes of worthless waiting, we all knew she won't understand a thing so she left without cleaning The room did not have any toiletries. There was luckily a half used toilet paper but that's about it. There was no hand wash, no shampoo or body wash. When we asked the owner about the basics he said he does not provide. I have pics but can't attach - error in website When we complained to the owner he did not respond. We then called hotels.com to report this. They contacted the owner to which he said, if the guests want to leave they can but he won't refund any amount. We paid $250 for this horrible room for 2 nights-This did not include parking ($15/day)
FNU, us2 gece romantik seyahat
Olağanüstü 10,0
Early July Trip
Enjoyed my time in Toronto and having a nice compact clean room to come back to at night helped a lot. The only complaint I had was that the window that opened did not have a screen to prevent bugs from entering the room so that it had to be kept closed. Other than that, it was an excellent experience & I would be happy to stay there again.
Mark, ca4 gece aile seyahati
Çok İyi 8,0
Overall it was not bad, as a friendly suggestion make sure you check your inbox and junk folder for your entrance instructions. The room was good, however, the way other people were opening and closing the front door was horrible! The rooms are very clean and I’d go back if I wanted to stay in that area again.
Milad, ca2 gece seyahat
Çok İyi 8,0
Graduation trip
Everything was good except we could have used 2 hand towels & 2 face cloths plus some hand soap.
Mary, ca2 gece romantik seyahat
İyi 6,0
I stayed for 4 nights, there was never any cleaning of my room or even taking the garbage away. I run out of toilet paper, which should have also been at least restocked. Comfortable and clean bedroom initially, but zero service afterwards.
ca4 gece iş seyahati
Çok İyi 8,0
Everything was good, good rooms but doesn't have TV, close to downtown around 10 minutes drive
Carlos E, ca4 gece seyahat
Kötü 2,0
He sucked
This was not a hotel, this was a Guest house. None of the expected amenities that were advertised. No iron or ironing board, no hair dryer. The mattress was likely the cheapest the host could find and no extra pillows were available. The bed did not have a top sheet and the comforter was very thin. The host would not respond to repeated phone calls to advise as to how to check in until I called hotels.com who managed to reach him and ask him to call me as I was boarding a plane to the city where the “hotel” was located. Since we were not able to reach him he allowed others to park in the only area available to guests (1 spot) forcing us to secure parking in a variety of locations blocks away from the accomodations and costing on average $40.00-$50.00 per day. He offered to refund one night for this but has yet to honor this. In my estimation. He should be barred from advertising on hotels.com and I certainly won’t be visiting hotels.com in the future for my hospitality and lodging needs
Kenneth, us6 gece aile seyahati
İyi 6,0
Clean, small room lacking amenities in nice hood
POSITIVES: Very clean, quiet during my stay, and located in a very nice neighbourhood (close to public transit, shops, restaurants, etc). CONCERNS: Single room on second floor is small and the bathroom is a converted closet, so it’s actually tiny (about 3 feet wide) and anyone tall will have trouble sitting down on the toilet without banging their knees into the sink. Beyond the small size, this property is not a hotel and so you should be aware that it offers very few of the amenities that you might expect from a hotel room. This is not necessarily a criticism although it was not entirely clear to me, from the description, all of what you won’t have in your room. No TV; no phone; no clock; no coffee maker; no tissues; no chair; no sheets (just a comforter and a single pillow on a very hard, extra firm bed); no control over the room temperature (one night my room was very cold); no peephole in the room door; just a basic door lock (no deadbolt, no barrel bolt, no chain lock); and no front desk or staff on site (that I ever saw).
ca2 gece iş seyahati
Olağanüstü 10,0
Great location. Would definitely stay here again. Only issue as I was on 3rd floor and wifi was weak to this floor.
Tony, ca2 gece iş seyahati

Spadina & Bloor

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