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Tüm Newport Beach, Kaliforniya, Birleşik Devletler otelleri
1 oda, 2 yetişkin

M Boutique Residence &Hotel

2,5 yıldızlı2,5 yıldızlı
1628 W Oceanfront 92663 CA Newport Beach USA

Newport Rıhtımı ile kolay ulaşım mesafesinde, alışveriş merkezi bağlantılı, körfez yakınında daire
  • Ücretsiz kablosuz internet ve ücretsiz otopark
  • There is no front desk. No parking. The entire building has an overwhelming smell of…1 Mar 2020
  • I loved that's this property right on the beach, easy access to other things around.12 Şub 2020

M Boutique Residence &Hotel

başlangıç fiyatı: 1,981 TL
  • Design Stüdyo, 1 Büyük (Queen) Boy Yatak ve Çekyat, Okyanus Manzaralı
  • Design Stüdyo Süit, 1 En Büyük (King) Boy Yatak
  • Comfort Stüdyo, 1 En Büyük (King) Boy Yatak
  • Comfort Stüdyo, 1 Büyük (Queen) Boy Yatak ve Çekyat, Okyanus Manzaralı
  • Design Stüdyo, 1 En Büyük (King) Boy Yatak

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  • 10 apart daire

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  • Giriş saati 16.00-gece yarısı
  • Çıkış saati: öğlen
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Konuştuğu diller: Japonca, Çince, İngilizce.

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Otelin popüler adı

  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel Aparthotel Newport Beach
  • M Boutique Residence Hotel
  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel Apartment
  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel Newport Beach
  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel Apartment Newport Beach
  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel Aparthotel
  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel Newport Beach
  • M Resince &Hotel Aparthotel
  • M Boutique &hotel Newport

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Depozito: konaklama başı 300.0 USD.

  • Temizlik ücreti: oda başı konaklama başı 75.0 USD

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  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel için giriş ve çıkış saati kaçta?
    Giriş işlemlerini 16.00 - gece yarısı arasında yapabilirsiniz. Çıkış saati: öğlen.
  • M Boutique Residence &Hotel içinde veya yakınında restoran var mı?
    Evet. Yakındaki restoranlar: Sol Grill (yürüyerek 6 dakika), Rockin' Baja (yürüyerek 7 dakika) ve 21 Oceanfront (yürüyerek 7 dakika).

Son yorumlar

İyi 6,4 54 yorum

Olağanüstü 10,0
Such a cute clean place! Will stay again!
Nicole, us1 gece seyahat
Çok İyi 8,0
The beautiful simple things in life.
The room was nice, clean. It felt like your bedroom in your apartment. It has that warm home feeling. It could use more amenities like 2 doors in the shower instead of one. Newer bedsheets (the ones on you can tell had been used a lot, they were clean) The bathroom did have a “wet dog smell” after the shower was used. We left the fan on and door open to get rid of the smell, after all the humidity was gone so was the smell. The Patio was ok, furniture needs some TLC, the exterior is not flashy at all. I did love the way the access to the building is granted, all by code. The Owner or Manager we dealt with was very nice and professional, she made us feel welcome. Overall for the price we paid, it wasn’t bad. Don’t think you’ll be walking into the Ritz, but definitely that nice simple apartment with a breath taking beach front view. We’ll be back with our girls soon. Thank you!
Carlos, us1 gece seyahat
Kötü 2,0
This place sucks.
How can someone own a place right on the beach and a short walk to the peir and have it be a dump. This may work for a group of drunk college kids but thats about it. In need of a major remodel. Million dollar view but not one room faces it. One tv that did not work. Windows had no screens and wouldnt stay up. Floorboards were coming up dont walk barefoot. Bed sucked. Kitchen but no dining area. This place for this location is third world. Stay away unless schools out and youre looking for a place for you and all your dorm buddies.
us1 gece aile seyahati
Orta 4,0
Look somewhere else
The only good thing about the building and room is the location, that’s it and nothing more. Everything else is the bare minimum. Very little available free parking, the rest is paid street parking during the day. No on site services, all communication is thru text. Check in was easy, a room number and door code was sent at check in time. Basic (IKEA) king bed, mini-fridge, small sink and cook top. Minimum towels, soap and shampoo lasted one day so take your own stuff if staying longer. The TV remote was missing so I had to get up each time to adjust the volume and turn on and off, Roku only channels. The room has potential to be much nicer and more comfortable but it is strictly a no frills hostile style room...four walls, a bed and a fan. For what I paid I was just expecting something a bit better and nicer.
Darren, us3 gece romantik seyahat
Kötü 2,0
There was no check in people and I was never given a room number. The place was filthy was I walked through looking for an employee. I called over and over for two hours. Finally someone answered and said my room had actually been cancelled. Thankfully because I never would’ve stayed. It reminded me of a big frat house with beer cans all over. It was 4th of July so I’ll let that slide. But I didn’t understand how they didn’t have an employee there to over see the place.
Jayleen, us1 gece arkadaş seyahati
Çok İyi 8,0
Great location.
The room was nice, the location was great. There were some small issues, one of the front Windows didn't open, no coffee filters, had to ask for the Wi-Fi password, no one picks up the phone on the number from information available, but the person that sent text for the door code was helpful. They might be a little more detailed about the parking, it's free but it is parking in a public street you have to get lucky to park close to unit.
Kenneth, us1 gece aile seyahati
Olağanüstü 10,0
Great experience!
Our stay was excellent. The place was very clean and nicely remodeled. We did have an issue when we first arrived with the front door code not working. After a quick text, a new code was sent, and no longer was an issue. Our main complaint was the bed frame itself. It was not the best quality, and very rickety. Other than that, the location flaws a 10, and we would definitely recommend it!
Brandon, us2 gece romantik seyahat
İyi 6,0
It was rather difficult checking in I had to make a few phone calls. There is no one there on the premises but it is right on the beach. There were no wash clothes, And the shower backed up when we took a shower. That's a location was great. I did get locked out of the hotel how to yell at my husband through the window to let me in. The main door is closed every night and I did not know the key to let me in. No ice machine on site.
Barbara, us2 gece romantik seyahat
Kötü 2,0
Avoid this place!
On the morning of our reservation i received a text message saying that my reservation was being cancelled because the previous guest had extended their stay?!?!? No attempt was made to help find other booking. Would not answer the phone. Stopped responding to text messages for help.
Gordon, us1 gece romantik seyahat
Olağanüstü 10,0
It was AWESOME !!!
ERIK, us1 gece iş seyahati

M Boutique Residence &Hotel

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