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Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü

3,5 yıldız
Glyn GarthMenai KöprüsüWalesLL59 5PDBirleşik Krallık
En İyi Fiyat GarantisiOtel rezervasyonlarında En İyi Fiyat Garantisi. Başka bir yerde tamamen aynı konaklama için daha düşük bir fiyat bulursanız, size ya bu fiyatın aynısını sunacağız ya da bir kupon vereceğiz. Detaylar için aşağıyı tıklayın.
Mükemmel4,1 / 5
  • If you judged this hotel from appearance you would be making a mistake. The staff was…17 Ağu 2016
  • Staff were really friendly and nice to us during our stay and accommodated a request to…6 Ağu 2016
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Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü

başlangıç fiyatı: 248 TL
  • Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda, Banyolu/Duşlu, Deniz Manzaralı (Annex)
  • Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda, Banyolu/Duşlu, Deniz Manzaralı
  • Annexe Double En-Suite - SeaViews
  • Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda, Banyolu/Duşlu, Deniz Manzaralı
  • Superior Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda, Banyolu/Duşlu
  • İki Ayrı Yataklı Oda, Banyolu/Duşlu, Bahçe Manzaralı
  • Superior, İki Tek Kişilik Yataklı
  • Tek Kişilik Oda, Banyolu/Duşlu, Bahçe Manzaralı

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Otelin kapasitesi

  • Bu otel 11 odalıdır.
  • Bu otel 2 katlıdır.

Otele varış/otelden ayrılış

  • Check-in saati 14.00-21.00
  • Check-out saati: 10.00

Check-in sırasında gerekenler

  • Kredi kartı veya nakit depozito gereklidir.

  • Fotoğraflı resmi kimlik gereklidir.

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  • Evcil hayvanlar kabul edilir

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  • Portatif/ilave yatak mevcuttur, ücretli olabilir*


  • Genel alanlarda misafirlerimiz için ücretsiz kablosuz internet mevcuttur.

  • Odalarda misafirlerimize ücretsiz kablosuz internet erişimi sunulmaktadır.



  • Misafirler için ücretsiz otopark

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  • Sigara içilmeyen otel

Otel özellikleri

Yemek ve içecek
  • Misafirlere her gün ücretsiz tam kahvaltı servisi yapılmaktadır.
  • restoran
  • bar/oturma salonu
  • Belirli saatlerde oda servisi
Dinlenme olanakları
  • Yakında yelkencilik
  • Tur/bilet hizmetleri
Otel Özellikleri
  • Bina/yapı sayısı - 2
  • Bahçe

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Konfor özellikleri
  • Kahve/çay makinesi
İnternet bağlantısı
  • Ücretsiz kablosuz internet



Gazelle Restaurant - restoran. Misafirlere barda içecek servisi yapılmaktadır.

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Mükemmel 4,1 /5 from 130 reviews

Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü
Mükemmel4,0 / 5
Very enjoyable - intend to go again.
2 gece romantik seyahat
Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü
İyi3,0 / 5
Nice place with great waterside location bad food
The location is very nice, right by the water with tables outside. The area is outside of Beaumaris so I stayed there for dinner. Unfortunately that was not very good as my burger was cooked to death. The rest of the stay was good.
1 gece seyahat
Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü
İyi3,0 / 5
Great views but in need of some care and attention
We booked a double room in the annexe with a great view over the Menai Straits. The room looked very nice and the bed was comfortable, however the room hadn't been dusted properly. In addition, the decking outside was littered with plant pots full of weeds, which didn't create a very good impression. The dinner was OK - my haddock was excellent but my partner's sea bass was, at best, average. Breakfast was good. My partner had stayed here before on a couple of occasions and raved about it, so he was disappointed that it's not as good now. All it needs is some TLC and it could be great again.
1 gece romantik seyahat
Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü
İyi3,0 / 5
Nice location shame about the rest
The location of the hotel is wonderful. Out of the door and straight into the sea . Can't fault it. The food was good and the hotel was clean and comfortable. However when i went to get the table at 8.00 that night i stood waiting to be shown to my table only to find that a young couple being given the table I had booked earlier. I was told that because i had booked earlier and these two had just wandered in then because i was resident that i could wait for the next table..... Go figure that one out. I waited 35 minutes until the next table was free. The last thing was that i had 2 small dogs with me and the reason i booked the Gazzelle, other than the spectacular views and location, was that it stated on the website that pets are welcome. My dogs were made welcome and were no bother to man nor beast . So i was therefore ever so slightly annoyed when i was told that i was being charged £ 30.00 for the dogs. The hotel had made no mention of this at anytime and had done noththing to accommodate the dogs that would justify the cost. I questioned this and was told that this was usual and was ,in fact a 50% discount to me. As they did not have a mechanism for charging for pets on the system and had to put through a charge for an extra bed i doubt this very much. There was no mention of a pet surcharge on the web just a note "PETS WELCOME"
2 gece aile seyahati
Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü
Orta2,0 / 5
Nice location.
Great location, smallish room. Evening meal when it arrived was not as advertised, I pointed this out to the waiter but heard nothing more about it. The shower head was held on with pvc tape, not a problem because as soon as I turned the shower on it tripped out. Despite resetting a couple of times I couldn't take a shower. Breakfast was good and, as said already, great location.
1 gece aile seyahati

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Gazelle Hotel - Menai Köprüsü

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