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Prince Alfred - Liverpool

3 yıldız3 yıldız
261-263 Rice LaneLiverpoolEnglandL9 3BYBirleşik Krallık
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2,4 / 5
  • It's only room service. No breakfast or tea/coffee. Also, had to collect the keys…28 Eki 2016
  • Could not possibly recommend this place. While it was perfectly clean, the lack of any…30 Kas 2015
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Prince Alfred - Liverpool

başlangıç fiyatı: 269 TL
  • İki Ayrı Yataklı Oda, Ortak Banyo
  • Tek Büyük Yataklı Oda, Ortak Banyo
  • Family Oda, Ortak Banyo

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  • Bu otel 7 odalıdır.
  • Bu otel 2 katlıdır.

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  • Check-in için son saat: 17.30
  • Check-out saati: 10.30
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  • bar/oturma salonu
  • Lobide kahve servisi
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  • Bilardo masası
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  • Genel alanlarda televizyon

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  • Ortak banyo
  • Sadece duş
  • Düz ekran televizyon
  • Uydu kanalları
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  • Masa
  • Ücretsiz kablosuz internet

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2,4 /5 from 34 reviews

Prince Alfred - Liverpool
Kötü1,0 / 5
Avoid at all costs.
Being a frequent visitor to the great city of Liverpool I was very surprised to be treated the way in which we were.  Upon arrival at the we were met by the manager who's pleasantries began with "any bother and we will throw your luggage out the window" followed closely by "you have to be out of the room by 10pm Sunday.   We went about our business and returned a few hours later to be asked the question "are you lot prods or catholics" before being told that he knew an IRA man called the Monk and as I didn't know him I must be the "wrong type of irish" I cannot believe that it 2015 people are asking questions like that. Long story short after urinating in the toilet I was confronted by a small shirtless male with his fists clinched telling me that " I wasn't in Ireland now" I asked this male what his issue was and he just mumbled and "you have to leave" we agreed to leave but only after I started recording the wee man's tirade of abuse on my mobile phone. We spoke to management who seemed nice bar the gentlemans attemp to tell me what we had just suffered was probably just a "joke by manager kevin" we are still awaiting any further response ref our 5 hours stay at the location. After years of staying within the city one little man has left an impression I will never forget.  Saddened to have had to write this review but if I can save one person the pain of attempted intimidation, racial hatred and trying to find new accommodation I will be more than happy
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Prince Alfred - Liverpool
İyi3,0 / 5
Was ok
Was ok
Arkadaş grubuyla seyahat
Prince Alfred - Liverpool
İyi3,0 / 5
does what it says on the tin
Myself and a friend stayed here for 1 night. We travelled over for a match in Anfield. It's in a perfect location with Rice Lane train station right beside it meaning the city centre is only a short hop away, a 24hour Mcd's right beside it and a pub underneath it (different owner). Room was in perfect condition and bed was comfy. Stick to their rules and you cant go wrong. Check-in is at 12, check-out by 10am. Delighted we found this place. We'll be back again when we're over for another match. Make sure to pop into the pub and talk to the manager, sound guy.
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Prince Alfred - Liverpool
İyi3,0 / 5
Decent Room
I found our stay to be better than anticipated (you get what you pay for). I was visiting Liverpool with my family and we needed a place to stay. Knowing we wouldn't be spending much time in the room, we basically needed a place to sleep; and that is what we got. Staff was very nice and helpful and the room was clean. Location was not bad, 5 walk to the metro. FYI Bring your own towels (the hotel does not provide any) and there is no breakfast….but McDonalds is right next door. I would stay there again.
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Prince Alfred - Liverpool
Kötü1,0 / 5
horrible service
We left about 10 mins after getting there, horrible service, i felt unsafe around the owner. I am going to warn any friend or family member about this "hotel"in Liverpool, completely ruined my trip to England -
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Prince Alfred - Liverpool

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