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Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas

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10584 Luna RdDallasTX75220Birleşik Devletler
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İyi3,0 / 5
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Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas

başlangıç fiyatı: 155 TL
  • İki Büyük (Queen) Boy Yataklı, Sigara İçilmeyen
  • Bir En Büyük (King) Boy Yataklı, Sigara İçilen
  • Bir En Büyük (King) Boy Yataklı, Sigara İçilmeyen, Jakuzili
  • Bir King-Size Yataklı Oda (Sigara İçilmez)
  • Bir En Büyük (King) Boy Yataklı, Sigara İçilen, Jakuzili

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  • Bu otel 36 odalıdır.
  • Bu otel 2 katlıdır.

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  • Check-in başlangıç saati: 13.00
  • Check-out saati: 11.00

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  • Kredi kartı veya nakit depozito gereklidir.

  • Fotoğraflı resmi kimlik gereklidir.

  • 21 veya daha büyük misafirler check-in yapabilir.

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  • 24 saat açık resepsiyon
Otel Özellikleri
  • Kuruluş Yılı 2005
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  • Ücretsiz kablosuz internet
  • Ücretsiz şehir içi telefon görüşmesi
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  • Buzdolabı
  • Mikrodalga fırın

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İyi 3,0 /5 from 432 reviews

Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas
Kötü1,0 / 5
Horrible Nasty n gross
It was a nightmare, my bf and i went to a concert which he had planned weeks ago i made the hotel arrangement the night before so that i can get not only a better rate but great location. thought since it was on hotel.com website i silly me thought it was a good place. But when we got there after the concert at n dinner 2 am i went in to check in while my bf got out bags. The front desk person told me that they had to give my room to someone else n for the inconvenience he upgraded me for what he called the Jacuzzi suit i thought cool ok. even though i called a few hours before to ;et them know that i will be there and i had already paid for the room so they shouldn't have gave my Booked paid for room to someone else, So i get my card and start to go to the room as i open the door all i smell is mold it's all over and black mold by the air conditioning unit n behind the baseboard not only that when we went to lay down in bed we took all to top sheets of the bed and the fitted whit she was nasty with stains and some yellow looking gross stain so at this point i'm so tired and go to front desk to tell him about the issue he come in the room tells me the smell is not mold that is just how every room smells and that the sheet only had a coffee stain that the mold both my fiancee n i both notice was nothing not mold brushed it off. by the time all this happen it was 4am in the morning he never offered a refund n and that there is nothing he can do. this place sux,
1 gece romantik seyahat
Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas
Mükemmel4,0 / 5
good price for big room
good value for room
3 gece seyahat
Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas
Olağanüstü5,0 / 5
convienent and clean room
My stay was amazing. Very friendly staff and clean rooms.
1 gece aile seyahati
Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas
Kötü1,0 / 5
From the start I knew that there were going to be problems. They didn't have my prepaid reservation, it took almost 45 minutes to check in. When I got to the room there was water leaking in thru the outside wall or ac, I'm not sure. They wanted to put towels over it for my 2 days stay and had no other rooms like mine and would have to upgrade me to change my room. I called Hotels.com and was in hold for about 20 minutes and then hung up on. I was sick and exhausted so I stayed in the dangerous room. I have pictures I took but since hotels.com hung up on me I don't imagine that matters.
2 gece seyahat
Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas
Mükemmel4,0 / 5
Not bad
The room was clean and spacious but the mattress was too hard. The staff was friendly and the wifi worked well. The closest walmart is only 4 miles away and numerous other stores and restaurants too. I really like the Bachmann lake park which is right next to Walmart and it's terrific for walking and exercising.
4 gece iş seyahati

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Tropicana Inn and Suites - Dallas

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