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Budget Lodge Buena - Buena

2,5 yıldız
736 S Harding HighwayBuenaNJ08310Birleşik Devletler
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İyi3,2 / 5
  • The price is reasonable the staff very easy to deal with very clean room18 Eki 2016
  • It was a comfortable stay, except there were few flies in the room and bathroom.7 Eyl 2016
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Budget Lodge Buena - Buena

başlangıç fiyatı: 199 TL
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  • Bu otel 48 odalıdır.
  • Bu otel 1 katlıdır.

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  • Check-in saati 2:00 PM-12.30
  • Check-out saati: 11:00 AM

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Otelin popüler adı

  • Budget Lodge Buena
  • Budget Lodge Hotel Buena
  • Budget Buena

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Geç çıkış için ücret alınır: $20.00 USD.

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  • 24 saat açık resepsiyon
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Budget Lodge Buena - Buena hakkında önemli bilgiler

Otelin popüler adı

  • Budget Lodge Buena
  • Budget Lodge Hotel Buena
  • Budget Buena

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Geç çıkış için ücret alınır: $20.00 USD.

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İyi 3,2 /5 from 46 reviews

Budget Lodge Buena - Buena
Kötü1,0 / 5
Old and dirty.
Carpet was worn and dirty, room smelled musty, AC didn't work well....just not what rating said it was...misleading.
1 gece romantik seyahat
Budget Lodge Buena - Buena
Kötü1,0 / 5
When we got there, they had already charged my credit card, even though the confirmation clearly stated that the card would not be charged until I got there. The man was rude, and would not answer my questions. I asked for the man's name and he refused to give me his name. Two of the three rooms I booked had horrible smells one was Urine, and the other was worse - not even sure what it was. The rooms were refunded and we had no place to stay so we drove home exhausted. It was a horrible experience.
1 gece arkadaş seyahati
Budget Lodge Buena - Buena
İyi3,0 / 5
A few pros to the many cons...
The front desk accommodated our very late night check-in (midnight). It was to be a non smoking room yet smelled like a cigarette when we arrived. The lamps between the beds had been previously ripped off of the wall and were missing. The comforters as well as the curtains had burn holes in them, I'm assuming from cigarettes. The bathroom was marble and looked nice, but there were tons of gnats in it, I killed as many as I could but it was a losing battle. It may need a visit from Terminix or somewhere similar. The latch on the main door had been forcefully ripped off prior to our arrival which made everyone uneasy at first since we discovered it when we were unpacked around 12:30 AM..but we quickly got over it. The room was cleaned during the day when we were out and we thought the house keeper did a good job with the cleaning of the room. They included a microwave and mini fridge which were convenient. The price was very cheap as compared to other hotels in the area.
2 gece aile seyahati
Budget Lodge Buena - Buena
Kötü1,0 / 5
I went and booked online, while the rooms were nice and comfortable, they said I only booked it for one night when I had an email saying for a whole week. I don't know what happened, but it wasn't the nicest thing, but it worked for one night.
7 gece romantik seyahat
Budget Lodge Buena - Buena
Kötü1,0 / 5
my boyfriend and i had booked a room for this place two weeks in advance to driving (13.5 hours) in one day to surprise visit his friend . we had gotten there at 2:30 am and the guy who was working could barely speak english first of all, and second of all he tried saying my name wasnt on the reservation & that he couldnt give us a room . i SHOWED him on my phone about the emails i got that had the EXACT hotel address on there but he still wouldn't give us the room. we argued w this guy for about half an hour before i gave up and went to find anpther hotel room, which i OVER paid for & which was 35 minutes farther than where we were supposed to be . i went through Hotels.com to book this & every other time i've used this site its been fine . i do NOT reccomend staying here unless you call and make sure (even tho i did) or if you 110% know they have rooms amd you're good to go . NEVER will i ever think of this place as good .
3 gece romantik seyahat

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Budget Lodge Buena - Buena

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