Nice has a diverse mix of neighbourhoods and districts that offer everything from historic sites to delicious dining and exciting nightlife. You’ll find affluent neighbourhoods by the sea, historic districts with centuries-old architecture and thriving hubs of dining and shopping, all close to the city centre.

    Whether you want family fun with sightseeing and attractions, a quiet holiday with leisure time in nature or a memorable trip with a glimpse into the past of the city, Nice offers a variety of neighbourhoods that will keep you close to the best activities and attractions. Discover the most popular neighbourhoods in Nice to plan your stay.


    Old Town

    Explore a historic part of the city

    Old Town in Nice is a historic neighbourhood known for its stunning architecture, narrow lanes, restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Located about 10 minutes from the city centre, Old Town is home to many of the city’s best attractions.

    You can explore the architectural gems in Place du Palais de Justice, such as the bell tower, or shop around the market in Cours Saleya. Another highlight is Vieux Nice Port, a beautiful waterfront area with views of boats coming in and an abundance of restaurants and bars.

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    See spectacular architecture

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    The Gambetta district is a vibrant neighbourhood with a mix of architectural styles and local shops and restaurants. Located just west of the city centre, the Gambetta district is easily accessed by public transport.

    One of the main draws of the Gambetta district is the architecture. Walking through the streets, you’ll see everything from modern buildings to art deco structures and remnants of the Belle Époque era. Another highlight is the Alsace-Lorraine gardens, a historic garden with water features, sculptures, and rare flowers.

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    Les Baumettes

    Spend time at the beach

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    Les Baumettes is an affluent neighbourhood that’s home to the Promenade des Anglais and other attractions. Located near Gambetta and the city centre, Les Baumettes features a waterfront area and numerous museums and landmarks.

    You can walk the beachfront Promenade des Anglais to see views of the water and nearby attractions, or spend your time relaxing on Florida Beach. You’ll find plenty of attractions in Les Baumettes, such as the Nice Museum of Fine Arts and the Gloria Mansions.

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    Quartier du Port

    Enjoy waterfront bars and nightlife

    Quartier du Port is a harbourfront neighbourhood with seafood restaurants, popular nightspots, and antique shops. Located on the affluent Nice Harbour, Quartier du Port is the departure point for cruises to Saint-Tropez and Cannes, as well as a mooring spot for yachts.

    This neighbourhood is one of the best places to sample local seafood or have a fine-dining experience. After dark, Place Garibaldi is a hub of waterfront bars and nightlife. You’ll also find numerous speciality food shops and antique shops around the neighbourhood.

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    Jean-Médecin in New Town

    Take in some luxurious shopping and dining

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    Jean-Médecin in New Town is a grand neighbourhood with picturesque streets, museums, boutiques and restaurants. Located just south of the city centre, Jean-Médecin in New Town is the place to go for French shopping and dining.

    If you want some sightseeing, Jean-Médecin in New Town is home to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Musée Masséna, a museum with artwork and artefacts dating from the Riviera to Belle Époque periods. One of its treasured exhibits is Napoleon’s death mask.

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    Le Piol

    Enjoy time with the family

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    Le Piol is a vibrant neighbourhood that’s home to a historic church, family attractions and numerous bars and restaurants. Located about 5 minutes from the city centre, Le Piol offers a quiet retreat for families and couples.

    One of the highlights of Le Piol is the St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, a spectacular national monument and one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in Western Europe. You can also take the kids to Square Raimu, a neighbourhood park, or swimming at the Fernand Anelli swimming pool. The neighbourhood is home to many restaurants and bars for dining and nightlife.

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    Cimiez district

    See archaeological wonders from Roman ruin sites

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    The Cimiez district is one of the city’s oldest districts and is home to archaeological sites and museums. Located about 10 minutes from the city centre, Cimiez is a quiet spot with gardens, historic sites and museums away from the energy of the city.

    Once a prominent Roman centre, the Cimiez district boasts remnants of arenas, thermal baths and an amphitheatre. You can visit the Archaeological Museum on the site to see vast collections of artefacts dating back to the Bronze and Iron ages. In summer, the Roman ruin sites are used as the venue for the Jazz Festival of Nice.

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    Explore a foodie paradise

    Libération is a bustling neighbourhood of Nice that’s filled with speciality food shops, wineries and high-end restaurants. A primarily residential neighbourhood in the centre of the city, Libération offers a great mix of dining, nightlife and attractions.

    While many flock to Libération for the global and fusion cuisine and nightlife, it’s a popular spot for foodies to find Nice speciality foods in markets like Place du Général de Gaulle. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, such as visiting the Sainte Jeanne d’Arc Church and a public library, Raoul Mille, in a renovated historic train station.

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    Mont Boron

    Relax at a beautiful park by the sea

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    Mont Boron is an exclusive neighbourhood that offers sea views, stunning homes and a vast parkland to explore. Located about 10 minutes from the city centre, Mont Boron is a quiet residential area with a small retail centre and a few bustling attractions.

    Along with the sea views, the biggest draw of Mont Boron is Parc Forestier du Mont Boron, a protected parkland with walking trails and picturesque views. You can walk on paths along the sea or in the mountains to see views of the coast and the city. The park also has a botanical garden and trails in a rare Mediterranean forest.

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    Enjoy live sports and nightlife

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    Saint-Isidore is a quiet riverfront neighbourhood that’s known for its sports culture, spectacular views and nightlife. Located about 13 minutes from the city centre by train, Saint-Isidore is a great destination for families with kids and sports fans.

    You’ll find a lot of sports attractions in Saint-Isidore, such as the National Sport Museum and the Allianz Riviera stadium, home to the OGC Nice French soccer team. Be sure to take the kids to Kid’s City, an indoor playground with a restaurant and nearby shopping centre.

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