Great Yarmouth is a resort town on England’s east coast offering sandy beaches, local history museums, wildlife and animal encounters, and quirky attractions for the whole family. Kids always enjoy visiting with animals, and the SEA LIFE aquarium offers the chance to see exotic and native marine life from sharks to penguins and beyond. The Merrivale Model Village is also a fun attraction for kids, showcasing detailed miniature towns complete with buildings and landscaping. If you want to enjoy a classic theme park experience, 2 amusement parks can be found here: Joyland and Pleasure Beach, both with thrill rides, games, entertainment and food.

History enthusiasts will enjoy the exhibits at the Time and Tide Museum or learning about the exploits of Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Nelson Museum. The National Trust Elizabethan House Museum offers the chance to explore an authentic 16th-century home and also to try on authentic costumes from the period. For an even more exciting and unusual time, families are sure to enjoy the eclectic performances at Hippodrome Circus. From beaches to museums and thrill rides, Great Yarmouth is ideal for families or couples on a romantic holiday for 2.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Great Yarmouth

    Great Yarmouth might be famed for its sandy beaches and summertime piers, but the classic Norfolk resort hardly goes to sleep after sunset. There are fun-filled family theatres, multi-screen cinemas showing the latest blockbusters, and lively gaming arcades where whack-a-mole and pinball offer hours of fun – and that's just along the main promenade by the sea. Delve into the town...


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